A True Fertile Environment

At Mitchell Family Acupuncture in Berkeley, our team works with the power of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, energetic practices and most importantly presence, kindness and care.

These join to bring balance to your spirit, body and mind creating a true fertile environment for your best health to emerge.

Our specialty is a personalized approach to fertility, pregnancy and medicine for women and men that meets you where you are and calls on your innate wisdom and strength to open the doors to full health and vitality.

Our Integrated Approach

Acupuncture utilizes the energy, the strength, the health of your system to restore balance to your whole system. Our team uses acupuncture to re-program your system and utilize the Qi of the body to open the flow of your energy to promote optimum health, balance and happiness.

Qi is your vital energy that circulates throughout the body along specific pathways that are called meridians that connect deep within to your organs, all the way to your extremities, to your brain, your heart and to the energy that is all around us. We tap into this energy with acupuncture to allow your system to rebalance itself.

At Mitchell Family Acupuncture we emphasize a natural and integrated approach that treats you as a whole person. We work with your other care providers, read test results, understand how to work with any medications you may be on and help advocate for the best referrals you need.


Our Services

Mitchell Family Acupuncture in Berkeley is honored to be a full-service integrative health center, serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area including the North and East Bay. We provide comprehensive natural health care for women and men. 

At MFA, we specialize in acupuncture for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and wellness for women and men. We use Traditional Chinese Medicine, using acupuncture and herbal medicine, to reestablish balance to your body to facilitate conception, a healthy pregnancy, a healthy delivery and a healthy baby.

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  • Every one of (our family) has received the benefit of Amy Mitchell’s expertise and experience. Her calm mien is professional and comforting. Her knowledge of acupuncture is evident in all of the positive results we have gained. Each of us has benefited from her care for our various ailments or concerns.
    — K.M.
  • Alison came to the aid of my clients who were facing an induction in the hospital in SF. Her TCM skills provided relaxation and calm in an otherwise chaotic situation.  Labor progressed beautifully and we all agree, Alison and the team at Mitchell Family Acupunture in Berkeley are to thank for that!
    — H.W.
  • Mitchell Family Acupuncture in Berkeley is indeed for the whole family. I count myself lucky the day my neighbor recommended their office to me. An hour at the clinic is the absolutely the best thing I do for my health. Their team is all about making the best possible choices within your life, combining Eastern and Western medicine.
    — K.M.
  • I credit Amy for my beautiful healthy baby boy that I had naturally at the age of 44. Two Western medical doctors told me that I would be unable to have a baby with my own eggs due to my high FSH levels. Amy just shrugged and said she thought they were wrong in my case. She was right!
    — A.G.