Patient Resources

  • Alison is all about making the best possible choices within your real life, doing the best you can to stay healthy, and combining Eastern and Western medicine. 
    — N.M.
  • Amy is highly skilled, specialized, kind, warm, loving, professional and honestly, kind of magical. She is one of those people who is obviously doing 'her life's work'- what she is meant to do; she emanates healing.
    — P.P.
  • I came… for an "emergency" after my water-broke and labor hadn't really begun 12 hours later. A special session with her kicked started contractions. An hour after my treatment I was having regular contractions and went on to a natural birth. Thank you!
    — F.G.
  • The clinic in Berkeley is central, inviting, clean and calming. I would highly recommend MFA to anyone who is wanting to focus on their health and well-being, take care of themselves, and be guided by wonderful and wise healers.
    — L.P.