No 1738 Solano Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707 

Note: We are located on the corner of Ensenada and Solano. You will find the entrance to our clinic up the ramp on the Ensenada side of the street.


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  • The aura of the clinic in Berkeley is bright and vibe is calm and soothing. There's nothing better than letting the body heal itself through natural means and (they) make this happen.
    — C.M.
  • All I can say is, ‘She is a miracle worker!’ I knew it when I bent over to put my shoes on and I could! I would highly recommend Alison for back pain! Amazing!
    — J.N.
  • I can't recommend Amy and Mitchell Family Acupuncture highly enough, especially for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and for women's health.
    — P.P.
  • I wanted to share my love for Alison after YEARS of having her treat me. She has alleviated every ailment from minor aches and pains related to my job to major female related issues.
    — A.S.