Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy

New Patients

Welcome to Mitchell Family Acupuncture!

A new patient consultation consists of a complete health history and a thorough review of your present condition. Your appointment will be approximately one and a half hours. We will review information about your diet, exercise, lifestyle and stress level, as well as information regarding your sleep and daily routines. Your pulse will be taken on your radial artery and your tongue examined, two of Chinese Medicine's primary diagnostic tools.

We will then determine your diagnosis, the treatment strategy best suited for your condition and a treatment plan. You will receive an acupuncture treatment on your first visit and diet and lifestyle recommendations will be given. On the second visit herbal medicines will be recommended if needed.

It can take up to four weeks to be scheduled for your new patient appointment at our clinic in Berkeley. If you are needing to be seen sooner for an acute issue, are undergoing fertility treatments, have a pregnancy related health issue or are in pain please call our office and we will do our best to see you as soon as possible!

Your first visit

Bring new patient forms
Bring any relevant test results
Bring any medications, herbs or supplements you are currently taking



Payment is due in full at the time services are rendered. Our office accepts cash, checks, all credit cards, HSA (Health Savings Account) cards and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) cards.


Our office does not bill insurance directly. You may call your insurance company to inquire if acupuncture services are covered under your policy. Upon request a Superbill will be provided. A Superbill is a receipt that you may submit directly to your insurance company to seek reimbursement for payments made. Please let us know when you arrive for your appointment if you would like a Superbill that day.


Your patient records and patient information will be kept confidential and shared only when necessary to provide care and services, or by your authorization, or when required or permitted by law. Our office is HIPAA compliant. For questions regarding privacy policies please call 510.558.0117.

Missed Appointment Policy

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please do so with 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in being charged the full fee for your appointment.

Forms for Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy

Fertility Room

Before and After Treatment

When you brush your teeth, please do not brush your tongue

The color and texture of the tongue coating are important diagnostic tools in our team’s diagnostic process. Please avoid brushing your tongue for at least 24 hours before each visit. If you habitually brush your tongue to prevent bad breath, discuss this with your acupuncturist. Persistent bad breath may be a sign of stomach imbalance, and is important for your acupuncturist to know.

Eat before your appointment

Have a little food in your belly when you arrive for your treatments. You do not need to have just eaten a meal but do not come on an empty stomach.

Relax for a few minutes after your treatments

Some patients feel a sense of euphoria after receiving acupuncture. If you feel spacey please sit quietly for a few minutes until you feel normal. Sip some warm water, have a cup of broth or tea or take a stroll in the neighborhood.

In the hours after your treatments

Your body is going through a physiological re-balancing process. To maximize the effect of your treatments avoid exercise that induces sweating, hot tubs, over-eating, and drugs or alcohol for several hours before and after treatment.

Are you sick?

If yes, please come to your appointment. Our team can take care of you!

About Herbal Medicines

Some herbal formulas may not be appropriate to take if you are catching a cold

If you feel you are catching a cold, call the clinic to discuss your symptoms and find out if it is appropriate to continue taking your current formula.

If you have difficulty adjusting to the taste of your herbs

You are welcome to take your herbs in hot water and dilute them if the taste is strong. You may clear the palette with a few raisins, a date or fig after drinking your herbs. Please do not mix the herbs with juice, honey, or any other sweetener, as this can compromise their efficacy.

If you experience gastrointestinal upset or new symptoms while taking herbs

Notify your acupuncturist. A little queasiness is not unusual when first getting used to the taste of herbs, but new symptoms may require modification of your formula.

Herbs for Fertility and Pregnancy in Berkeley

Acupuncture for Fertility and Stress, Berkeley


New Patients

// New Patient Consultation & Treatment – $210 (one-time only)


// Acupuncture Treatments – $120

Herbal Medicine

// Herbal Consultation – $120
// Herbal Formulas – $30-$50 / week based on needs

Home Visits

// Acupuncture Home Visit – $250
// Postpartum Home Visit Package (3 visits) – $600
// On Site Pre & Post Embryo Transfer Treatment – $350

Medicinal Bone Broths | Chicken & Qi

// $28 / qt herbal infused
// $8 / cup
// $20 / qt pure broth

Reiki, Cupping & Massage

// Acupuncture and 20 minutes of Reiki – $170
// Acupuncture and Cupping – $170
// Acupuncture and 20 minutes of Massage – $170

Qi Needles

// Qi Needles – $155

  • Alison is all about making the best possible choices within your real life, doing the best you can to stay healthy, and combining Eastern and Western medicine. 
    — N.M.
  • Amy is highly skilled, specialized, kind, warm, loving, professional and honestly, kind of magical. She is one of those people who is obviously doing 'her life's work'- what she is meant to do; she emanates healing.
    — P.P.
  • I came… for an "emergency" after my water-broke and labor hadn't really begun 12 hours later. A special session with her kicked started contractions. An hour after my treatment I was having regular contractions and went on to a natural birth. Thank you!
    — F.G.
  • The clinic on Berkeley is central, inviting, clean and calming. I would highly recommend MFA to anyone who is wanting to focus on their health and well-being, take care of themselves, and be guided by wonderful and wise healers.
    — L.P.

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